About us

The St. Lords Educational Trust was started in 2003 by Doctor. D.Devaiah and his main concern was to give Importance to nursing education for young aspirants of India. The Trust aims to offer education that would address the growing demands worldwide. For us, education does not lie in the quantification of knowledge, but it lies in the quality of knowledge. Quality education not only means good academic results but also the spiritual, mental and physical development that helps to form the character of a student in our institution. Making them as expert, dedicated and sympathetic human being for the society is our goal.

By believing in this philosophy we started Shree Bhavani Institute of Nursing in the year 2003. This institute makes its students to inhibit greater ability to analyze problems and situations, critically and take ownership for their future education for maximum professional effectiveness throughout their career.This institute is recognized by INC and it is considered as one of the Top INC Recognized nursing institutes Bangalore India

At Shree Bhavani Institute of Nursing adequate attention is paid to the human dimensions of the nursing profession along with equipping the students with appropriate skills. In our Institution, Bsc Nursing And General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) program prepares expert Nurse Clinicians for practice, with the use of emerging technology to enhance access to our programs by providing course work that is convenient and timely for clinicians and students. Our programs are rooted in the Philosophies of Florence Nightingale and builds on the Indian nursing council curriculum, which sees Nursing as the knowledge and practice of human caring. Caring praxis is seen as practice that is informed by an ethos of caring. Our Institute being one of the Best Nursing colleges in Bangalore has adequate and sufficient facilities to produce quality nurses, well trained and well groomed in their respective discipline who can confidently pass out from this institute and serve anywhere in the world as good, loyal and efficient nurses. Thus we are considered as one of the Top INC Recognized nursing institutes Bangalore India


  • Learner centered health care education
  • Patient centered service
  • Community oriented research
  • Strong community relationship
  • Serve the under served
  • Meet the regional, national and global health care educational needs
  • Inter organizational linkage
  • Strategic future oriented planning
  • Professionalism in management
  • Open organizational climate
  • Excellence in knowledge skills and service


  • Single window delivery of total human health care service & education needs
  • Total quality management
  • Unique work culture in alleviating human sufferings
  • To train general, specialised, & allied professionals to meet the regional , national and global health care services
  • Be efficient, effective, community acceptable, and excel in service, education & research
  • To impart knowledge & interact with organizations of similar interest
  • Fostering global competencies, inculcating value system among learners
  • Promote use of technology of relevance
  • To induce paradigm shift in community that many diseases are preventable, curable & affordable
  • Reach the unreachable with awareness, education & service
  • Serve the under served

Our Endeavour

  • Continuous Pursuit of excellence
  • Acquiring the state of the art-know how
  • Imbibing excellent in-the-job skills
  • Stimulation of open and positive minds