M Sc Nursing

The M Sc Nursing course is of two years. M Sc Nursing course Students will have both classroom and clinical learning. For getting into M Sc Nursing he or she should complete B.Sc. In nursing from Rajiv Gandhi University, Karnataka (RGUHS), or any other university which is accepted by RGUHS, Karnataka. The candidate should have Minimum one year of experience after completing B.Sc. Nursing. The candidate should be registered nurse with any of State Nursing Council. The Other country candidates who need to get admission into this college must have valid certificate of registered nurse of their own country. In this Institute teaching is included with clinical experience in respective discipline. The students are compulsory submit a dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the program. The Bhavani Institute of Nursing provides one of the Best M Sc Nursing course when it compared to other colleges of different states. This institute comes under one of the Institute which provides Top M Sc Nursing Course education in Bangalore India. Once the candidate completes M Sc Nursing course they can act as Lecturer or Teacher of any Nursing School or Institutes.
List Of Subjects - I Year
Nursing Education, Advanced Nursing practice, Nursing Research and Statistics,Clinical specialty – I
List Of Subjects - 2nd Year
Nursing management, Clinical specialty – II, Sub specialty subjects, Cardio vascular and thoracic nursing, Critical care nursing, Oncology nursing, Neuro sciences nursing, Nephro urology nursing, Orthopedic nursing, Gastro entreology nursing.
Examination :
Students will have university examination at the end of each year. Minimum pass marks will be 50% in each of the theory and practical individually. Class room tests will be conducted regularly to evaluate the student's performance in each subject. The average marks will be sent to the university as internal evaluation, for both theory and practical.